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Ref: 100029

Manufacturer: Stahl

Year of Manufacturing: 2011

Availability: Immediately

STAHL KH-78/82
- FFH flat feeder
- 1 station, entrance width 78 cm, 4 cassettes with sheet passage control, photocell at entry and exit from the station, combined cassettes.
- Knife transverse folds in the KTL system, 2 knives + side cassette parallel to the 1st knife, safety kit, soundproof covers, EMV filter, safety devices.
- Enhancement kit for knife assembly, control panel with display, electronic preparation mode, optimization of sheet spacing, improved sheet passage control.
- Comfort set for the knife assembly in the KTL system, external adjustment of the knife inclination, knife height, precise setting of side stops and transport rollers.
- A device for kneading, perforating and cutting into folded knife shafts.
- Device for punching perforation for knife shafts after the 1st knife bend, including a separate switch
- Device for kneading, perforating and cutting after the 1st knife fracture.
- Delivery of the VSA-66, 2006
- max format 78x128cm, min format 14x18cm.